“The future of Branding is personal; the future of branding is now!” ― Dr. Talaya Waller, CEO of Waller and Company

We encourage others to identify and develop their personal brands at Crossfade. As we say when describing what we do, we collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs and talent who dare to imagine more for their brand.

As working adults, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. As a child, most of us wished to grow up fast. And, one day, BOOM! It happened. Once we realized that we are adults, we instantly switched to survival mode and reluctantly entered ourselves into the rat race, leaving our dreams by the wayside.

People are quick to throw out their dreams without even trying to make them a reality. The reason why you are able to read this article on your iphone right now is because of someone’s imagination. Someone believed it was possible. They took that belief and combined it with the appropriate action, and brought an idea into physical fruition. Take a second to think about that.

You have an imagination for a reason. And, it would behoove you to use it to your advantage. Truth is everybody has a personal brand. It’s just that most people don’t make the time to  identify and develop it.

The human imagination is limitless. Imaginal acts combined with action turn into physical things.

“Branding is no longer about companies managing our perceptions. Today, it’s about people creating and sharing human experiences.” – Dr. Talaya Waller

As I was surfing YouTube today, Dr. Waller’s TedxTalk came up in my suggestions. Naturally, I clicked on it because I am always on the hunt for new sources of inspiration.

CEO of Waller and Company and international personal branding consultant,  Dr. Waller breaks down personal branding in its simplest terms, and candidly shares how she kept her entrepreneurial spirit alive during the economic recession of 2009. With her Know, Like, Trust personal branding model, she arms anyone with the confidence to create his/her personal brand. She also talks about the evolution of branding and how big companies are relying on us to keep their brands alive.

You must think of your personal brand as the most important tool that you can use to achieve your goals. A fully-developed personal brand can help you snag a new job, acquire the funds to establish a new business, collaborate with others to make a change in the community, and so much more. The possibilities are endless. However, personal branding starts with you and your confidence in yourself. Use your imagination.

What are some of the important takeaways from Dr. Waller’s TedxTalk? Share them in the comments!

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