• Ashley "MixedNLensed" posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    I was reading articles about things that photography teaches us about life and I thought I’d compile some of them.
    -Perception- We all see the world differently and photography allows us to find beauty in the many things in life and the seemingly small things.
    -Patience- Often the perfect photo is a matter of waiting for the right light, action, moment and we simply have to wait for it. Photography can teach us to slow down and wait for the good stuff.
    -Feel- It allows you to feel the language of people and break down barriers
    -It allows you to be a poet- you get to say those words you couldn’t say
    -You’re Never completely in control- no matter how much you try to prepare, you never have control over everything.
    -Don’t Overthink, Trust your gut
    -Share- It helps us to grow, to collaborate, to share tips, etc.
    -Be Creative- Experiment and fail
    -Find YourSelf- Find your own style, don’t compare yourself to others
    -Seek out and accept constructive criticism
    -Always Room to Learn- You will never know everything

    This is just some of the ones I compiled but the list goes on. There’s so much photography can teach us about life.