Do you believe in risk-taking when it comes to success? Or are you bound to the idea of “playing it safe”? Crossfade is a proponent of the belief that taking risks are absolutely necessary to make a dream come alive. That is why this isn’t the last time you’ll see content on the subject.

We are made to believe that dreams only come true in the movies. Or that entertaining your dreams makes you a foolish, daft person. We are told to,”get serious about life,” and get a real job!”. Do you know how many people work jobs everyday that they absolutely hate? It is exactly that type of thinking that keeps us spinning on the never-ending hamster wheel of complacency.

“The only risk in life is not taking the risk. “ – Marisa Peer, Speaker & Author

Risk-taking is viewed negatively by society. “Dangerous”, “scary”, “unwise”, are three of many words that are used to describe taking a risk. However, the truth of the matter is that risks are the driving force behind the physical manifestation of your dreams.

Well, I challenge you to flip the script! Rather than allowing that fear to debilitate and limit us, let’s allow it to motivate and propel us. Watch the video below and be inspired!


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